Summerville Janitorial Cleaning

Summerville provides its residents with affordable living as well as all the great perks of living in Charleston. It’s close to the city and just as beautiful, but it’s not nearly as expensive. If you’re looking for Summerville janitorial cleaning services, look no further than 360clean.

Summerville Commercial Cleaning

Every building is important and deserves the same level of cleanliness. Your office building is inhabited every day by your most valuable assets, and hospitals care for the sick around the clock. Our custom cleaning plans deliver exactly what you need when you need it.

We focus on health and sanitation so you can work and live in a safe, clean environment. We can help reduce the spread of disease and illness so that everyone who comes to your facility will see a clean environment and happy people.

Summerville Office Cleaning

Offices are one of our specialties. We clean office buildings, medical sites, and much more. Your daily routine relies on a clean environment that protects everyone inside from germs and dirt. A sick employee can infect other workers, causing a few people to take a day or two off work. Our cleaning services sanitize workplaces to prevent these incidents.

Summerville Hospital Cleaning

Cleaning hospitals is hard work, but somebody has to do it. We are trained in meeting the standards set in place by the entities that regulate hospital operations. We are meticulous and careful about using state-of-the-art equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants.

Your facility will be sparkling when we’re done, leaving your doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors safe from infectious disease and sickness. We can set up a cleaning plan that works for you and ensure it’s all cleaned thoroughly and properly.

Summerville School Cleaning

Cleaning schools is critical because they’re full of kids and germs. Children don’t quite understand personal hygiene, which makes schools an icky place to be most of the time. You can avoid this if you have a customized cleaning program in place.

We work around your class schedule, whether you operate a preschool or a university, so that we’re not in the way of a safe and effective learning environment. We leave behind a disinfected facility so that your kids can continue their quest for knowledge.

Summerville Warehouse Cleaning

Your warehouse must comply with many regulations set in place by OSHA and your company. This is no problem for us. We’ll create a custom cleaning solution for your warehouse so that you can maintain clean floors, restrooms, and more. You’ll be compliant with all regulations and continue to operate a safe and effective warehouse for your employees and customers.

Summerville Medical Cleaning

Medical cleaning is a high-risk practice, but that’s why all our employees are trained on the JaniMed Cleaning System. We are skilled in safe practices for cleaning a facility that sees germs and sickness daily.

Our methods of cleaning involve special disinfectants, HEPA filters, and top of the line technology, leaving your facility clean enough to meet the regulations put in place by OSHA, AORN, CDC, and AAHC.

Enjoy a custom cleaning plan that suits your needs today, and live a cleaner life with our Summerville janitorial cleaning services.

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