Sullivan’s Island Janitorial Cleaning Services

Sullivan’s Island, in Charleston County, faces the Atlantic Ocean, so it features a thriving commercial hub that is popular among tourists and other travelers.

360clean is Sullivan’s Island’s prime janitorial cleaning company, delivering reliable commercial cleaning services to area businesses. If you have a business near Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, Jasper Boulevard, or elsewhere in the area needs professional cleaning, consider hiring us to keep things in tip-top shape.

Sullivan’s Island Commercial Cleaning

Keeping your commercial premises clean is vital to attracting new and return customers. However, if you own a business, you know that daily janitorial tasks in-house can be time-consuming and expensive. What’s more, not all employees deliver the sanitary results you demand, thanks to their limited knowledge and tools for the trade.

That’s where 360clean comes in. We are a certified team of commercial-cleaning experts upon which you can count for a cost-effective store and restaurant cleaning that keeps your business premises hygienic and inviting to customers.

Sullivan’s Island Office Cleaning

Office staff and visitor traffic demand that your office space is always clean.

Our specialized office cleaning service eliminates the dirt and germs that pollute your office surfaces and air every day. We ensure a clean and safe work environment that encourages employee productivity and client satisfaction.

Sullivan’s Island Hospital Cleaning

Because of the innate sensitive nature of hospital work, the environment must be as sterile as possible. That protects patients and medical staff from exposure to germs that cause more illness and impede patient recovery.

Our hospital and doctors’ office cleaning services deliver a health-focused service that targets dirt and pathogens on hospital surfaces and in the air, which ensures a healthy, safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

Sullivan’s Island School Cleaning

The dangers of a dirty school are far-reaching. Not only does an unsanitary environment hamper learning, but it also poses a health risk to children, visitors, teachers, and other staff. 360clean’s team of cleaning experts possesses the specialized knowledge and tools to get your entire school or daycare facility cleaned quickly and regularly.

The result is clean air and surfaces that encourage students to learn and play safely and employees to work comfortably.

Sullivan’s Island Warehouse Cleaning

Our Sullivan’s Island janitorial cleaning services include facility cleaning for warehouses on Sullivan’s Island. This service helps you maintain top-notch cleanliness levels and keep your warehouse safe for your employees and storing your products.

We can deliver warehouse and facility cleaning on a schedule that works best for you, anywhere on Sullivan’s Island!

Sullivan’s Island Medical Cleaning

A dirty or unsanitary medical office endangers both patients and staff. Our health-focused medical-cleaning service expertly engages cross-contamination-prevention measures and hospital-grade disinfectants to keep your medical practice safe for your patients and staff.

360clean also ensures that your practice maintains compliance with relevant safety standards.

360clean for an All-Round Clean

Our Sullivan’s Island janitorial cleaning services will decontaminate your surfaces and improve your indoor air quality. Regardless of the size or complexity of your cleaning project, we work fast and deliver optimal results. If you need commercial cleaning near Ben Sawyer Boulevard, Sullivan’s Island Baptist Church, or elsewhere on the island, give us a call today!


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