St. George Janitorial Cleaning Services

The small town of Saint George, in Dorchester County, is home to educational, automotive, healthcare, and other businesses. When these businesses need professional St. George janitorial cleaning services, they call 360clean.

If your business is near St. George Health Care Center, Ryan’s Corner, or elsewhere in St. George, please give us a call to book your business for the ultimate cleaning!

St. George Commercial Cleaning

It’s challenging to maintain a reputable commercial business if people associate your company with dirty or unhygienic conditions. 360clean can help you avoid such a situation with our store and restaurant cleaning services, which we adapt to match the unique hygiene needs of your business.

This service is available at budget-friendly prices, and we can book a time that’s convenient for you – anywhere in St. George!

St. George Office Cleaning

Our office-cleaning services deliver a pristine and germ-free office environment with improved indoor air quality. That’s because 360clean takes a health-focused approach to cleaning your office space. We create an environment that helps make your staff enthusiastic about coming to work and attracts potential customers and return clientele. It also minimizes the frequency of sick time by eliminating dirt and pathogens that could otherwise cause illness.

St. George Hospital Cleaning

Cross-contamination between patients and medical staff is one of the greatest dangers associated with working in a hospital. Our comprehensive hospital and medical-office cleaning services can help eliminate reduce such risk by delivering a sterile hospital environment, conducive to patient recovery, and visitor and staff safety.

Our St. George janitorial cleaning services are health focused. We employ safe, hospital-grade disinfectants, and microfiber products to eliminate visible dirt, invisible germs, and other disease-spreading microbes.

St. George School Cleaning

Every room in a school must maintain thoroughly clean and sterile high-touch surfaces to ensure the safety of students, visitors, and staff.

Maintaining this level of sanitization can be an expensive chore if you use in-house cleaning staff. That’s why 360clean offers specialty school and daycare cleaning at reasonable prices. We work fast and make ourselves available on a schedule that works best for you.

St. George Warehouse Cleaning

A dirty warehouse can create a hazardous work environment and an unsuitable location for storing your sensitive products. Our facility-cleaning services employ specialized skills and tools to help you maintain a safe and healthy workplace and storage facility.

We also ensure that your warehouse is compliant with all relevant hygiene standards and safe and hospitable for storing your products before delivery to patrons.

St. George Medical Cleaning

Unsanitary doctors’ offices place patients at risk of picking up new illnesses. 360clean helps you ensure patient safety via a comprehensive cleaning program that applies hospital-grade disinfectants and microfiber products in a manner tailored to suit the unique needs of your practice.

Our cleaning strategy delivers sterile surfaces throughout your medical office and boosts your indoor air quality for the safety of patients and staff alike.

Get Well-Rounded Cleaning with 360clean

Our affordable St. George janitorial cleaning services are ideal for commercial establishments of all sizes and specialties.

If you’d like your carpet, hard floor, or entire premises near St. George Middle School, Dorchester County Library, or elsewhere in St. George, rejuvenated and sanitized, call us today!


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