Ravenel Janitorial Cleaning Services

Ravenel is a small town in western Charleston County and, while it’s a small town, the prosperous businesses in the area can all benefit from professional janitorial services.

Whether your business is near the Savanah Highway or elsewhere in Ravenel, call 360clean for world-class Ravenel janitorial cleaning services.

Ravenel Commercial Cleaning

The sanitation needs of your commercial business, be it a restaurant or store, exceed those of your home. That’s because your business is a public place where various people gather and create higher traffic and germ influx.

To minimize the risks of cross-contamination, we recommend frequent store and restaurant cleaning.

Our Ravenel janitorial cleaning service helps you maintain a clean and safe business that attracts more patrons and upholds the positive image of your establishment.

Ravenel Office Cleaning

The cleaner and more conducive your office space, the more engaged and productive your employees will be. A clean office also leaves customers and potential customers experiencing a professional atmosphere that makes them want to return.

Our office cleaning service ensures the cleanliness of all aspects of your business and renders it germ-free. With disease-spreading germs eliminated from your office, you can avoid the loss and cost of frequent employee sick leaves and disgruntled customers.

Ravenel Hospital Cleaning

Our hospital and doctors’ office cleaning services ensure that all parts of the hospital exceed the cleanliness standards required by the CDC and AORN.

360clean accomplishes this on your behalf by maintaining a health-focused approach to hospital cleaning that we adapt to meet the unique needs of each room in it. Our goal is to ensure a safe and enabling environment for patients to recover and staff to work.

Ravenel School Cleaning

Because no two schools are the same, 360clean takes a personalized approach to school and daycare cleaning. Based on the unique needs of your school, we’ll develop a cleaning plan that eliminates dirt and contaminants that could otherwise affect the health of students and staff.

Ravenel Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouses play a crucial role in storing and distributing the products you work hard to develop. If your warehouse is unsanitary, however, you may compromise the quality and safety of your goods before they reach end-users.

Our world-class Ravenel janitorial cleaning services get your warehouse clean from top to bottom. We also ensure that it is SDS-compliant and promotes the safety of your staff and stored goods.

Ravenel Medical Cleaning

Our medical office cleaning team delivers spotless, germ-free surfaces and air in your medical office. Our goal is to help you maintain a professional image and meet the high standards of hygiene and safety that you require.

Let our certified cleaning experts keep your medical practice CDC-, AAAHC-, AORN-, and OSHA-compliant – and your staff and patients safe and healthy.

Pro Ravenel Cleaning Team at Your Service

Thanks to our team’s specialized training in the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, microfiber products, and cross-contamination measures, you get a healthy and safe environment for your Ravenel business.

Our Ravenel janitorial cleaning service also comes highly recommended for its friendly prices and top-notch sanitation results.

If your business is near Ravenel Fresh Seafood, Ravenel Ford, or elsewhere in Ravenel, call now to book your next professional janitorial cleaning.


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