Pineville Janitorial Cleaning Services

Pineville is a small town in Berkeley County, where building and business owners rely on our Pineville janitorial cleaning services to improve and maintain their premises.

Whether your commercial building is near Garnett’s Ridge Road or somewhere else in Pineville, give us a call for a personalized cleaning service.

Pineville Commercial Cleaning

The appearance – and the smell – of your business have a direct effect on its success. At 360clean, we deliver store and restaurant cleaning services that make your commercial establishment more attractive to your clientele.

Our cleaning services also ensure a work environment that’s conducive to employee productivity and, as such, your overall effectiveness.

Pineville Office Cleaning

Unlike an in-house janitor, our Pineville janitorial cleaning services deliver consistently high-quality results and save you money. Our cleaning expertise is affordable and available at your convenience.

We plan and schedule personalized cleaning services that fit your specific office goals and needs. Give us a call to book a cleaning service that keeps your shine alive!

Pineville Hospital Cleaning

Hospital patients recover best when they are in a thoroughly clean and safe environment. In fact, a dirty or germ-ridden facility can even make them sicker.

Our hospital and doctors’ office cleaning services eliminate the risk of contamination and cross-contamination via a health-focused cleaning service. We rid every surface in your hospital of dirt and disease-carrying germs. Your patients can recover more quickly, and your employees can stay healthier.

Pineville School Cleaning

Keeping a school or daycare clean is a never-ending task that requires specialized skills and tools. Our team of certified cleaning experts deliver school and daycare cleaning services that ensure an environment that is free of dirt and pathogens and, as a result, more conducive to learning and fun.

360clean employs professionals trained to use hospital-grade disinfectants and other non-toxic cleaning products to improve your indoor air quality and decontaminate all surfaces.

Pineville Warehouse Cleaning

Our facility cleaning service can help you improve the hygienic standards in your warehouse. Doing so is vital for maintaining compliance with sanitation regulations of SDS, CDC, and other regulatory bodies.

You can count on our Pineville janitorial cleaning team to transform your warehouse into a safer work environment and a contamination-free site for storing your products.

Pineville Medical Cleaning

Tacit cleaning isn’t enough to keep your medical office safe. Our professional medical cleaning service both cleans and decontaminates surfaces in your medical office to ensure a safe environment for your patients and your staff. It minimizes the risk of cross-contamination to well patients and employees.

Optimize the Cleanliness of your Pineville Business

Our certified cleaning professionals use only the best cleaning products to eliminate dirt, odors, and illness-causing contaminants. We provide our services to businesses near Daydawn Baptist Church and throughout Pineville.

We work fast and deliver our services on a schedule that is convenient for you. Call us now to book a customer- and budget-friendly commercial cleaning service!


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