North Charleston Janitorial Cleaning Services

North Charleston includes Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties. It is the third-largest city in South Carolina and boasts a prosperous commercial environment.

When businesses operating in North Charleston need local cleaning professionals, they call 360clean. Whether your business is near Park Circle, Ashley Junction, or elsewhere in the area, call us for our exemplary North Charleston janitorial cleaning services.

North Charleston Commercial Cleaning

Our store and restaurant cleaning services improve the appearance of your commercial establishment. We make your business more attractive to patrons and safer for your staff.

Our approach is to eliminate not just dirt from your premises, but also the contaminants that could otherwise cause illnesses or offensive odors. The result is a business that is safer, more efficient, and better positioned for success.

North Charleston Office Cleaning

In addition to ensuring that your office is clean and ready for business, our office cleaning services save you money by eliminating the need for an in-house janitor.

Before we deliver our specialized services, we listen to your specific office and cleaning needs. We use that information to develop a tailored cleaning plan that ensures a hygienic workplace. Book our services according to your schedule, so we don’t disrupt your business operations.

North Charleston Hospital Cleaning

Poor cleaning practices result in a hospital rife with germs and potentially dangerous for your patients and staff. Our health-focused hospital and doctors’ office cleaning services eliminate both dirt and bacteria so you can maintain a hospital that’s truly a safe haven.

We’ve been doing this for years and use the best hospital-grade disinfectants and products to deliver optimal results. With our hospital cleaning service, you can focus on providing quality health care.

North Charleston School Cleaning

Our school and daycare cleaning services use hospital-grade disinfectants and cross-contamination-prevention measures to keep educational facilities dirt and germ-free. We aim to help you make your school safe for your students, regardless of their individual health challenges.

We’ve also found that keeping schools ultra-clean translates to fewer sick days for students and staff, leading to a more successful learning environment.

North Charleston Warehouse Cleaning

Our warehouse facility cleaning service delivers optimal hygiene conditions, regardless of the size or nature of your warehouse.

We will boost the cleanliness levels in your facility and help you maintain compliance with relevant sanitary regulations and standards. Our thorough cleaning efforts also improve the safety of your warehouse, both for employees and for the products you store.

North Charleston Medical Cleaning

Cleaning medical offices in Charleston is a service for which we are well-known. Whether you practice dentistry, ENT, general medicine, or some other specialty, we can adapt our janitorial services to suit your specific needs.

Our approach is to eliminate not just dirt from your premises, but also contaminants that could otherwise cause illnesses or foul odors. Contact 360clean today for the janitorial team that delivers pristine results every time!

Local Cleaning Professionals in North Charleston

We provide emergency and scheduled janitorial services to businesses throughout North Charleston. Our rates are budget-friendly, and our cleaning team is professional.

Whether your business is near Woodstock, Ashley Heights, or elsewhere in North Charleston, give us a call to book your cleaning today!


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