Mount Pleasant Janitorial Cleaning


Mount Pleasant is a fast-growing community, and there’s no wonder why. It’s surrounded mostly by water from the Cooper River to the Atlantic Ocean. For a long time, it was inhabited by visitors in the summer but has since grown into a year-round home for many. When it comes to staying healthy, look no further than our Mount Pleasant janitorial cleaning services.

Mount Pleasant Commercial Cleaning

We clean everything with care and attention to detail. From office buildings and schools to hospitals and churches, we can customize a cleaning plan that focuses on health and sanitation, leaving your workplace healthier.

We wipe the germs away for a better place to work and live. We reduce the spread of illness so that everyone who comes through the door sees a clean building with happy employees.

Mount Pleasant Office Cleaning

Offices of every kind need cleaning, and that’s our specialty. We clean office buildings, medical suites, and so much more. Your daily operations will continue in safety and cleanliness, protecting everyone from germs. We take a personal approach to understand your specific needs and create a perfect office cleaning plan.

Mount Pleasant Hospital Cleaning

Cleaning a hospital takes a lot of work. There are extra regulations you have to meet for cleanliness, and it’s already full of sick people. However, we are meticulous about using only the best equipment and technology to get your facility clean and sparkling.

We use specialty disinfectants to protect your patients, doctors, nurses, and visitors from sickness and germs by making sure everything is cleaned thoroughly. Our workers receive specialty training for cleaning these high-risk facilities.

Mount Pleasant School Cleaning

Your school is full of kids who haven’t developed good hygiene practices yet. They carry germs around with them everywhere they go, which is why cleaning practices at your school are just as important as anywhere else.

For us, getting your school disinfected is a breeze, leaving behind a safe and clean learning environment where kids can explore without fear. We work our cleaning schedule around your class times so we don’t interfere. Whether it’s a preschool or a university, we can handle it.

Mount Pleasant Warehouse Cleaning

We’re familiar with the regulations you have to follow. Whether they were set in place by OSHA or your parent company, we can help you meet and maintain a clean facility from restrooms to floors. We’ll customize a cleaning program for your building and help create a happy and healthy working environment for your employees.

Mount Pleasant Medical Cleaning

All medical centers, from hospitals to dentist offices, get the special treatment of our JaniMed Cleaning System. This program trains our workers on appropriate and efficient ways of cleaning a medical facility. When we come in for medical cleaning, we help you meet the standards of AAHC, OSHA, CDC, and AORN.

Instead of spreading the germs that are so prevalent, we’ll eliminate the bacteria with specialized technology and hospital-grade disinfectants. We can filter the air through HEPA vacuums that process it four times before releasing back into the room, cleaner than ever.

Our custom cleaning practices will give you peace of mind. Call 360clean for all your Mount Pleasant janitorial cleaning needs.

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