Hollywood Janitorial Cleaning Services

Located in Charleston County, Hollywood is a small, rural town that’s popular for its Roxbury Park and Caw Caw Interpretive Center. At 360clean, we pride ourselves in keeping businesses in the area spotless and primed for success.

If you have a commercial operation near Gibson Road, Towles Road, or any other part of Hollywood that you’d like professionally cleaned, give us a call today!

Hollywood Commercial Cleaning

With our Hollywood janitorial cleaning service, we aim to helpmake businesses in the area more appealing and prosperous. We accomplish this by providing companies with a clean indoor environment that customers find attractive and worthy of patronizing.

Our store and restaurant cleaning services are especially popular among Hollywood businesses. We also care for financial institutions, churches, and other religious amenities, industrial facilities, and many others.

Regardless of the complexity or size of your commercial cleaning job, give us a call to get it accomplished with the best results going at a budget-friendly price.

Hollywood Office Cleaning

Professional office cleaning at scheduled intervals is essential to maintaining a workplace that employees want to work in and that customers want to visit.

Our Hollywood janitorial office-cleaning system eliminates dirt, odors, stains, and other blights that can render your office unattractive. Our thorough cleaning process also kills pathogens or other contaminants that may spread illness in your office and lead to productivity losses due to sick days.

Hollywood Hospital Cleaning

360clean offers hospital and doctors’ office cleaning services to optimize sanitation levels in Hollywood-area hospitals.

Our health-focused cleaning service sanitizes every room and corner of your hospital. The goal is to ensure that your facility is a safe environment conducive to patient recovery and employee wellbeing and productivity.

Hollywood School Cleaning

Our school and daycare cleaning services at 360clean consider children’s health and safety first and foremost. Our Hollywood janitorial cleaning services eradicate dirt generated by kids and activities and go a step further to eliminate potential disease-carrying germs.

With surfaces and air that are contaminant-free, students can learn and flourish safely and effectively.

Hollywood Warehouse Cleaning

If you use your warehouse for storing sensitive products or other essential materials, we can provide industrial-grade cleaning services that ensure it adheres to OSHA standards and SDS regulations.

Our warehouse cleaning service also provides a clean and healthy environment, so your employees are less prone to workplace accidents and more focused on productivity.

Hollywood Medical Cleaning

Our health-focused Hollywood janitorial cleaning service goes beyond surface cleaning, especially when it comes to medical offices.

The 360clean team is specially trained to use hospital-grade disinfectants and employ cross-contamination measures to convey a sterile medical office. In such an environment, patients and medical staff can interact without fear of contamination.

Get Your Space Clean Today

We only use safe cleaning products and practices to care for our Hollywood clients. Depending on your needs and specifications, we can schedule your requested cleaning services at times that are convenient for your business, in any part of Hollywood.

If your business is near Town Council Road, Lower Toogoodoo Creek, or other parts of Hollywood, call us today to book a professional cleaning or get your questions answered.


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