Charleston Janitorial Cleaning

Charleston is a bustling metropolis on the coast of South Carolina, near the Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking for Charleston janitorial cleaning, look no further than 360clean for all your professional cleaning needs.

Charleston Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services provide thorough and detailed sanitation of all commercial properties and professional offices. 360clean focuses on health and cleanliness, providing you and your employees a more welcoming place to work. From small businesses to large industrial facilities, we can clean all types of commercial buildings.

We can reduce the infiltration of infection and contagious illness among your workers or any guests in your building. You can also set an excellent impression for potential employees, visitors, and more.

Charleston Office Cleaning

We clean all various offices, such as professional office complexes, churches, and retail facilities. Office cleaning is essential to keeping your office in tip-top shape. It can reduce the spreading of disease, but also provides a clean and comfortable working environment for all your workers. After visiting you and inspecting the facility, we create a custom cleaning solution that meets your office’s needs.

Charleston Hospital Cleaning

Hospital cleaning is a critical task requiring the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail. Every corner of a hospital should be scrubbed to prevent the spread of disease among nurses, doctors, patients, and all visitors.

Unfortunately, germs and other contagions are constantly arriving at the hospital. 360clean uses special techniques to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and properly to leave them spotless and germ-free.

Charleston School Cleaning

You might not think school cleaning is as critical as hospital cleaning, but kids are always exposed to germs. They don’t yet understand personal hygiene, so 360clean uses cleaning strategies to help students learn and explore in a safe and clean environment.

Our Charleston janitorial cleaning services are suitable for preschools, universities, and everything in between. We can schedule our cleaning around classes and open hours to ensure we stay out of the way.

Charleston Warehouse Cleaning

To be compliant with OSHA regulations, you need to ensure your warehouse has clean restrooms, floors, and more. By creating a focused program for cleaning your entire warehouse, we create a sanitary, safe, and positive working environment through our warehouse cleaning services. We know what you need to remain compliant with the law and can help you achieve your goals.

Charleston Medical Cleaning

Medical cleaning is one of the most important cleaning services we provide because your medical office has to meet the standards outlined by the CDC, OSHA, AAAHC, AND AORN. You can’t risk spreading germs or having people in your office getting sick and contaminating medical equipment.

Our focus on hygiene reduces infection and illness by eliminating the germs that cause disease. We employ the use of the JaniMed Cleaning System to train our employees on how to clean medical facilities appropriately.

We know how to administer hospital-grade disinfectants safely and effectively while using top of the line equipment and technology to clean every surface. Our HEPA vacuums filter the air through four different levels to ensure the highest quality clean.

We have the safest, most thorough cleaning practices yet, and you’ll get peace of mind by hiring us for all your Charleston janitorial cleaning needs.

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