Awendaw Janitorial Cleaning Services

The small town of Awendaw, in Charleston County, South Carolina, got its name from the Sewee tribe. The town is small, but it has several thriving businesses, and 360clean provides janitorial cleaning services to keep those businesses hygienic and safe.

Awendaw Commercial Cleaning

Our Awendaw janitorial cleaning services – especially our store and restaurant cleaning – have helped businesses in Awendaw stay vibrant-looking to maintain their customer appeal.

To ensure you get the best cleaning results, we tailor our commercial cleaning services to the unique needs of your establishment. You can schedule 360clean services for a time that best suits you, so our cleaning team doesn’t disrupt your commercial activities.

If your business is near the Awendaw Town Office, WCBD-TV (Charleston), or any other part of Awendaw, contact us today to schedule a cleaning.

Awendaw Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning services in Awendaw aim to improve the aesthetic and overall appeal of your workplace. Not only does this render your business more attractive to potential clients, but it also creates a more comfortable workplace that is conducive to improved staff productivity.

What’s more, our services are available at budget-friendly prices to ensure that you get maximum returns.

Awendaw Hospital Cleaning

Our certified cleaning professionals have specialized skills, tools, and experience to deliver health-focused hospital and doctors’ office cleaning services. We’ll turn your hospital into a sanitary and contaminant-free zone that’s ideal for healing, recovery, and good health.

Awendaw School Cleaning

Optimal hygiene in a school is crucial to maintaining a safe environment that is conducive to learning. It minimizes the risk of dangerous pathogens spreading from student to student or staff, and it diminishes the risk of slips and other accidents that can occur in a dirty environment.

Our Awendaw janitorial cleaning services are available for educational institutions of all types and sizes. That includes daycare cleaning to keep children with still-developing immune systems happy and safe.

Awendaw Warehouse Cleaning

To ensure that the products and people in your warehouse are safe, 360clean reduces risks of contamination with its comprehensive warehouse and facility cleaning services in Awendaw.

In addition to creating a clean, safe environment to store your products, our cleaning service makes your commercial warehouse a safer place for your employees. We rid your floors and equipment of dirt or debris that could otherwise result in slips and accidents.

Awendaw Medical Cleaning

No one wants to surrender themselves or loved ones to the care of a dentist, optician, or other medical professionals that do not maintain a clean and tidy office. 360clean can make your medical office more attractive to clients by improving your indoor air quality and sterilizing all surfaces.

We also eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by killing pathogens that can complicate the treatment or recovery of your patients or even compromise your employees’ health.

Get in Touch to Get Your Space Clean

In addition to appreciating our professional Awendaw janitorial cleaning service and friendly prices, our clients in Charleston county thank us for our compassionate customer support program. When you need cleaning services from certified experts who understand your needs and deliver maximum hygiene, 360clean has your team.

If your business is near Sewee Outpost, Tractor Supply Co., or any other part of Awendaw, call 360clean now to schedule your custom cleaning service for a time that is convenient for you!


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